Keeping up with Technology: Solo and Small Firms

At a recent conference in Minnesota called “Strategic Solutions for Solo and Small Firms,” the topic of conversation was technology. The increasingly impersonal nature of everyday transactions requires attorneys in smaller firms to be increasingly versatile in their approach.  As sophisticated software used for legal matters such as estate planning continues to encroach on the territory of practitioners, it is important for solo and small firms to rebrand themselves.  The significance of personal relationships between clients and attorneys, for example, is one thing that computers cannot conquer but clients are less likely to value such individualized contact.  In order to combat this disillusionment with one-on-one dealings, creative solutions must be employed to bring greater value and potential to the attorney-client relationship. See Carolyn Elefant, “The Future of Solo and Small Firm Practice,” Above the Law (Aug. 18, 2014).

Posted by Caroline Lisankie, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal

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