Trust Costs Go Up; Get Ready to Negotiate

Barron’s discusses fees for corporate trustees.  It’s article begins as follows:

If figuring out the price of a car is tough, try setting up a trust. Published fee schedules offer some guidance, but since each firm includes different things, it’s like comparing poodles with pigs. The kind of deal you get depends on how much money you have, the complexity of the assets, and how badly the trustee wants your business. And so much is negotiable.

Start by knowing that annual fees for trust administration and investment management are levied as a percentage of assets under management. There may also be fees for a distribution advisor or a trust protector, or for tax preparation and legal services. Some corporate trustees bundle those fees together into one amount, while others tack on lots of little add-on fees. “It’s difficult to pin down,” admits Jim Marion, U.S. Trust’s national fiduciary advisor.

Read full article at Trust Costs Go Up; Get Ready to Negotiate – Barron’s.


Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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