Donating Complex Assets

Julie Chu, at Credit Suisse, writes about charitable planing for private equity and hedge fund principals.  Her article begins as follows:

While estate planning for private equity and  hedge fund partners remains an important and widely addressed topic, the ascendancy of income tax management, in light of higher income tax rates and the Medicare surtax, has inspired a greater focus on charitable planning. Since much of the wealth of these individuals often resides in the funds that they manage, let’s survey their charitable planning options.

By way of background, the universe of private equity funds includes several categories, such as venture capital, leveraged buyout, mezzanine, distressed securities, angel, real estate and geographically targeted.1 The term “hedge fund” also exists  broadly and encompasses various strategies involving stocks, fixed income, convertible debt, foreign currencies, exchange-traded futures, forwards, swaps, options and other derivatives.2

Read full article at: Donating Complex Assets | Philanthropy content from

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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