Sharon Klein: The Latest State-Level Planning Developments Across the Country

Sharon Klein, Managing Director of Family Office Services & Wealth Strategies, Wilmington Trust, has made available for download her articles regarding her comprehensive annual overview of key state-level planning developments across the U.S. The articles appeared in the January 2016 edition of Trusts & Estates Magazine. Some of the topics include:

  • Estate and gift tax changes
  • Gift add back developments: States that tax gifts made within a certain period before death
  • Planning considerations for children conceived after the death of a genetic parent, with stored genetic material
  • Latest state-level momentum regarding disposition and protection of digital assets
  • Decanting: Appointing trust assets into a new trust with different terms
  • Power to adjust/unitrust: Adjusting the interests of trust income and principle beneficiaries
  • State-level portability: Transferring the unused gift/estate tax exemption between spouses

Click here for detailed summary and find the articles under “Reprints”

Posted by Pooja Shivaprasad, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal

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