Ray Dalio Makes Principles App Available for Free

Ray Dalio has made available for free a new app, which includes the full text of his bestselling book, Principles: Life & Work, along with add on features, such as an interactive coach to help users apply Mr. Dalio’s principles in their own lives. HIs announcement is as follows:

I published Principles: Life & Work a year and a half ago, and ever since people have been asking to see how the Principles work in real life. So I’ve decided to share case studies of actual meetings inside my company, Bridgewater Associates, along with the book as a free iOS app called Principles in Action. I promise you it’s unlike any book you’ve ever seen.
The Principles in Action app provides:The complete text of my book, Principles: Life & Work, with interactive case studies from meetings at Bridgewater.The option for you to answer questions about your reactions to these principles shown in action.  In future releases, these answers will allow you to compare your reactions to operating this way with those of others to help you learn about yourself.A digital “Coach” to help you easily find the appropriate principles for the specific situations you face.  It will soon be adapted to help you develop your own principles and collect principles from others.Several of my studies on economics and investing and related subjects.The app is available for free on the Apple App Store — with additional access coming soon. You can download it here:
My team and I will continue to improve the app over time, so please don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us at support@principles.com, as it will help us in the looping process.


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