HBR Hotlist 2019.08.05: Getting the feedback you need, why are your employees really leaving, how to be happier at work and more

Do You Really Know Why Employees Leave Your Company?, By Anthony C. Klotz, Mark C. Bolino: Three ways to find out what exit interviews won’t tell you.

GIVING FEEDBACK: How Leaders Can Ask for the Feedback No One Wants to Give Them by Joseph Grenny, Brittney Maxfield: What do employees say about you when you’re not around?

WORK-LIFE BALANCE: Finding Balance as a Dual-Career Couple by Amy Jen Su: Optimize your time and energy — as a unit.

STRATEGIC THINKING: How to Do Strategic Planning Like a Futurist by Amy Webb: You don’t need a time line; you need a time cone.

HIRING: 5 Ways to Respond to Ageism in a Job Interview by Rebecca Zucker: Lead with your energy, not your experience.

CAREER PLANNING: To Be Happier at Work, Invest More in Your Relationships by Rob Cross; Both inside and outside the office.

DECISION MAKING: 6 Reasons We Make Bad Decisions, and What to Do About Them by Mike Erwin; You make thousands of decisions every day.

GENERATIONAL ISSUES: Generational Differences At Work Are Small. Thinking They’re Big Affects Our Behavior by Eden King, Lisa Finkelstein, Courtney Thomas, Abby Corrington: Here’s what managers need to know.

MARKETING: 8 Ways Marketers Can Show Their Work’s Financial Results by Paul Magill, Christine Moorman, Nikita Avdiushko; CMOs who do it will thrive.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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