HBR Hotlist.2019.09.23: HBR Presentation Tips; Setting Email Boundaries; Bringing Your Whole Identity to Work; Hiring for Cultural Fit

To Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking, Stop Thinking About Yourself

By Sarah Gershman

Tips for before and during your presentation.


What to Do When You’re Losing Your Audience During a Presentation 
By Dorie Clark

Four tips for when the phones come out.


Why Asking for Advice Is More Effective Than Asking for Feedback 
By Jaewon Yoon, Hayley Blunden, Ariella Kristal, Ashley Whillans

According to results from four experiments.


Automation Isn’t About to Make Truckers Obsolete 
By Maury Gittleman, Kristen Monaco

Three reasons not to panic.


6 Ways to Set Boundaries Around Email 
By Sarah K. Peck

You don’t have to be OOO to set an OOO message.


The Benefits of Bringing Your Whole Identity to Work 
By Sandra E. Cha, Laura Morgan Roberts

What makes you unique can help you get ahead.


How to Keep Envy from Poisoning Your Team’s Culture 
By Ron Carucci

Create a culture of compassion, not comparison.


Hiring for Culture Fit Doesn’t Have to Undermine Diversity 
By Joeri Hofmans, Timothy A. Judge

Four common misconceptions are hurting companies’ talent strategies.


How the Value of Educational Credentials Is and Isn’t Changing 
By Sean Gallagher

Degrees still matter, but online programs are playing a complementary role.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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