How Trust-Like Is Russia's Fiduciary Management? Answers from Louisiana by Markus G. Puder (Dec. 6, 2019)

Markus Puder has made his paper, How Trust-Like Is Russia’s Fiduciary Management? Answers from Louisiana, available for download. This article was published as a research paper at Loyola University New Orleans College of Law. The abstract of this article, available on SSRN, reads as follows:

This article introduces Russia’s legal concept of “fiduciary management” – a somewhat equivalent concept to the trust in common legal systems – to American legal audiences. It positions fiduciary management within the spectrum of trust-like devices that have been brought into civilian ambits by way of reference to Louisiana’s trust law. After discussing trust operations in Louisiana, this article reviews Russia’s experiences with conceptions of trust. Through the prism of Louisiana trust law, this article then analyzes the theoretical underpinnings of fiduciary management in Russia. In further exploration of the degree of operational comparability of fiduciary management to the trust in actual practice, the authors explore examples from Russian jurisprudence. This article concludes with perspectives for the rise of a trust-like device more closely aligned with the Anglo-American template in Russia.

To see full article, click How Trust-Like Is Russia’s Fiduciary Management? Answers from Louisiana.

Posted by Katie Thompson, Assistant Editor of the Wealth Strategies Journal.

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