AICPA Tax Advisor (2020.01.20): Writing to Win Tax Appeals; Proposed Donor Reporting Regs; 2020 Tax Filing Season Preview; and more

2020 tax filing season preview

By Paul Bonner

CPA firms venture into the new decade of serving taxpayers having mastered many Tax Cuts and Jobs Act changes, but with many areas still awaiting guidance. This update also includes the Journal of Accountancy’s helpful annual quick guide, a tax season reference with dollar thresholds, tax tables, standard deduction amounts, credits, and deductions.

Writing to win tax appeals

By Kate Mantzke, CPA, Ph.D.; Brad Cripe, CPA, Ph.D.; and Suzanne Youngberg, CPA

After an IRS audit, taxpayers who disagree with the result have only 30 days to submit a protest to IRS Appeals. Here’s how to write an effective appeal.

Anticipate the rush of panicked potential clients

By Valrie Chambers, CPA, Ph.D.

As tax season begins, practitioners can be inundated by people looking for last-minute advice and help. Here are ways CPAs can turn these last-minute requests to their advantage.

Turn to e-Services for secure access to taxpayer information, key tools

By Gerard H. Schreiber Jr., CPA, and Marilyn Young, CPA, Ph.D.

Tax practitioners can save a great deal of time by using the IRS’s e-Services program. Find out how to register and what services and information are available there.

Prop. regs. address donor reporting and other matters

By Terence M. Kennedy, CPA, J.D., Melanie A. McPeak, CPA, and Vickus DeKock, CPA, J.D.

Recently proposed rules would update reporting requirements for exempt organizations, including clarifying the gross receipts filing threshold and limiting the requirement to report donor information.

Imprecise notice of deficiency does not give Tax Court jurisdiction

By James A. Beavers, CPA, CGMA, J.D., LL.M.

A notice of deficiency, part of which identified the taxpayer and part of which identified another related taxpayer, was not valid and as a result the Tax Court did not have jurisdiction.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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