FPA Smartbrief: Using Video as Part of Your Marketing Plan, etc.

How to make video a part of your firm’s marketing plan

If you’re not using video as a marketing tool, you might actually be hurting your chances to build business, writes Kristina Rocci, web content manager for The CWA Network and a financial adviser coaching business in Rochester, N.Y. She points out that 77% of small business owners report better results when they use video marketing and offers several tips for creating videos that will work for you.

FPA Practice Management Blog (1/16) 

How to build stronger relationships with your clients

Establishing strong relationships with existing clients can help keep them from leaving and also can help you recruit customers, writes Brian Greenberg of True Blue Life Insurance. He offers four ways for advisers to strengthen relationships with existing clients, including seeking and responding to feedback, offering great customer service and making sure clients feel valued.

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Opinion: Financial services industry needs to break down gender barriers

Action is needed to break down the structural barriers that work against women in the financial services industry, writes Kristin Hull, founder of Nia Impact Capital. She suggests hiring more female asset managers, advocating for changes in policy and encouraging clients to make their opinions known.

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How to help clients get back on track

Steven Kaye of Wealth Enhancement Group tells the story of trying to get a client back on track for retirement after the client’s business sold for much less than expected. The client will have to take another job, says Kaye, who is focusing on mitigating risk while seeking stable retirement income sources.

Financial Advisor online (1/13)  

Clients should transfer DAFs to an adviser

Clients who have opened their own donor-advised funds may do well to transfer them to their financial adviser, writes Ken Nopar of the American Endowment Foundation. Professional management will help maximize the funds’ growth and increase the assets available for charitable donations, he writes.

WealthManagement (1/8) 

reasury to begin selling 20-year bond in 2020

The Treasury Department will start selling a 20-year bond during the first half of this year. The product is being introduced to help with the budget deficit, which is expected to exceed $1 trillion this fiscal year and might continue at that level during the next 10 years.

The Associated Press (1/16)  

Jackson to step down from SEC

Robert Jackson Jr. says he will leave Feb. 14 as a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission to return to teaching at New York University’s law school. President Donald Trump is expected to nominate SEC lawyer Caroline Crenshaw to replace Jackson.

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SEC warns investors about initial exchange offerings

The Securities and Exchange Commission released an investor alert Tuesday about the risk involved with initial exchange offerings or IEOs. The SEC says any IEO “purporting to avoid the federal securities laws because it is occurring on an overseas trading platform but otherwise allows persons from the United States to invest is a red flag.”

The Block (1/14),  CoinDesk (UK) (1/14)  

Bond buyers ponder decade without US rate increases

Bond managers are considering implications for fixed-income investing if the Federal Reserve does not raise interest rates for the next 10 years. The appeal of US Treasurys is fading, so investors searching for yield might turn to corporate bonds, asset-backed securities and emerging-market debt.

BNN Bloomberg (Canada) (1/14) 

Financial services businesses face new cyberrisk, FBI agent says

Business email compromise is the latest cyberrisk that financial services businesses need to guard against, FBI Special Agent Michael Driscoll said during the 2020 FINRA Cybersecurity Conference. “Every business is getting targeted, from the smallest to the largest,” Driscoll told attendees.

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“Three-legged stool” for retirement only applies to small percentage

A National Institute on Retirement Security report found that only 6.8% of Americans have a “three-legged stool” of retirement income that includes Social Security, a 401(k) or similar account and a defined-benefit pension. The report also found that four in 10 retirees rely solely on Social Security for retirement income.

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US financial advisers not sold on cryptoassets, survey says

Regulatory concerns are preventing 56% of US financial advisers from embracing cryptoassets, according to an annual survey by Bitwise Asset Management. Only 7% said they would “probably” or “definitely” invest in cryptoassets this year, while 38% said they were “unsure.”

CoinDesk (UK) (1/14)  

Life insurance, retirement accounts become fraud targets

Fraudsters have increasingly turned their attention to life insurance and retirement accounts, according to the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute. LIMRA research shows companies expect fraud in these areas to increase significantly in coming years.

InsuranceNewsNet Magazine (1/2020) 

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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