FPA Smartbrief: Shared Experiences Can Build Better Client Relationships

How key pieces of technology can boost business efficiency

Focusing on the best way to leverage key pieces of technology can help advisers build more efficient and productive businesses, writes consultant Charesse Hagan. In this post, she outlines seven tech systems that can make a big difference in streamlining your workflow.

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Opinion: Contrarian thought can be good

Going against the grain can be a good thing in business, writes marketing consultant John Graham. He recommends four areas where advisers should think like a contrarian to challenge commonly accepted assumptions.

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Shared experiences can build better client relationships

Financial advisers can use shared experiences to connect with clients on a personal level and build better relationships, writes John Pojeta of The PT Services Group. He offers three ways to better connect with clients: learn more about them, encourage team members to form personal relationships with them and celebrate client anniversaries.

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Use buckets to mitigate retirement portfolio stock losses

The timing of a stock market drop can greatly affect a retirement portfolio, with losses earlier in retirement being particularly harmful, writes adviser David Nicholas. To mitigate the effects of a market downturn, he advises relying less on stocks for income in retirement and segmenting money into three “buckets” — one for liquidity, one for income and one for growth.

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Experts: Reg BI compliance should not be postponed

Despite the fact that the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation Best Interests is being challenged in court, advisers and broker dealers would be wise to get started on bringing themselves into compliance with it, according to Blaine Aikin, executive chairman at Fi360, a fiduciary education company. “You have to assume the deadline will take effect when the agency said it would,” he says.

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Cboe CEO: 2020 election bringing unprecedented anxiety

Ed Tilly, CEO of Cboe Global Markets, says anxiety among market participants regarding the US presidential election is unprecedented in his experience. “The demand for hedging and hedging vehicles is really amazing,” he says.

BNN Bloomberg (Canada) (1/23)  

Americans start 2020s with financial satisfaction at a record high

Record stock market performance and a strong labor market have bolstered Americans’ personal financial satisfaction to an all-time high. Here’s how to make sense of the latest AICPA quarterly Personal Financial Satisfaction index — and how its results could affect financial goals.

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How retirement planning changed in the 2010s

The past decade was shaped in part by a rising stock market, falling investment costs and a growing focus on decumulation strategies. Meanwhile, planners sought to offer a more holistic set of services and tracked the evolution of fiduciary standards.

WealthManagement (1/22)  

Studies: Labels affect fund allocation choices, return expectations

Two studies highlighted in a TIAA white paper found that names and labels can affect whether a fund is chosen for a retirement portfolio. According to the studies, both brand and employer trust affect asset allocations, and brand trust also affects expectations for returns.

WealthManagement (1/22)  

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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