Stanford Business (June 7, 2020): “I learned to just tell it like I see it.”

As we confront a legacy of racism in America and its impacts on the Black community, Stanford Business has curated a selection of stories that reflects our community’s ongoing commitment to creating meaningful change. 
VoiceRukaiyah Adams, MBA ’08: The Pivot Point’ “I learned to just tell it like I see it.”Read More 
ImpactProtests Can Swing Elections A study shows that both liberal and conservative protests have had a real impact on U.S. House elections.Read More 
GovernmentThe Future of Criminal Justice A conference on prosecution reform through data discusses the challenges of culture change.Read More 
LeadershipStacy Brown-Philpot, MBA ’02: Hire Leaders, Leave to Take RisksThe TaskRabbit CEO has focused on filling the pipeline with diverse candidates.Read More  
NetworksWhy Are Law Firms Failing on Diversity?A new study finds that the trend toward external hiring may be partly to blame.Read More  
PerspectiveThe Subtle, and Unsubtle, Influence of “Colorism”Chika Okoro, MBA ’16 challenges America’s image-makers to think before they cast.Read More 
DialogueWhy White People Downplay Their Racial PrivilegesResearch shows that white Americans, when faced with evidence of racial privilege, deny that they have benefited personally.Read More 

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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