Paul Sullivan, Wealth Matters, NY Times (August 14, 2020): Helping Girls Step Up to Entrepreneurship

Paul Sullivan’s weekly New York Times Wealth Matters column focuses on teaching girls financial literacy. His article, Helping Girls Step Up to Entrepreneurship, begins as follows:

Neha Shukla started a Girls With Impact program in April and by June had a prototype for her invention — a hat that aids in social distancing.Marcus Smith for The New York Times
As the school year ended and summer began, Page Curtin, a mother of three, was looking at a summer of canceled plans for her children. Her daughter M.G., 12, would not be going to sleep-away camp as planned.
Then she heard through her husband’s employer about a program that aimed to teach girls financial, entrepreneurial and business skills in a five-week virtual program. M.G. jumped at the opportunity, and during the program she joined other girls to create a mask awareness campaign that would be driven by tweens.
The program, Girls With Impact, “became a great Plan B,” Ms. Curtin said. “It provided a little bit of structure to the week. She had homework, and she was accountable for each session.”
It also helped her daughter begin to understand things many parents fret about for their children: knowledge of personal finances, business skills and the ability to collaborate.

To see the full article, click: Helping Girls Step Up to Entrepreneurship

Posted by David Brito, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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