HBR Hotlist (Nov. 2, 2020): How to Thrive When Everything Feels Terrible; Our Work from Anywhere Future; What It Takes to Lead Through Exponential Change, and More!

How to Thrive When Everything Feels Terrible

By Christine Porath, Mike Porath

Five strategies to combat toxic negativity.


Our Work-from-Anywhere Future by Prithwiraj (Raj) Choudhury

Best practices for all-remote organizations


Write Down Your Team’s Unwritten Rules by Liz Fosslien, Mollie West Duffy

Creating an “It’s okay to…” list will help your employees feel less anxious.


What It Takes to Lead Through an Era of Exponential Change by Aneel Chima, Ron Gutman

A new model based on some of the world’s most successful leaders.


Give Your Remote Team Unstructured Time for Collaboration by Barbara Z. Larson

Three lessons from a pioneer in virtual management.


Successful Companies Live Up to This Ancient Greek Ideal by Gabriel Karageorgiou, Dominic Selwood

Corporate responsibility may be trendy, but it’s rooted in a concept that’s thousands of years old.


How the Best Leaders Answer “What Are We Here for?” by Margaret Heffernan

Finding meaning isn’t a top-down endeavor.


Are You Ready to Be Coached? by Brenda Steinberg

How to make sure you’ll benefit from the experience.


It’s Time to End Slash-and-Burn Capitalism by Joan C. Williams, Ro Khanna

We don’t need to reinvent capitalism. We just need to practice it.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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