HBR Hotlist: What to Do If Your Team Doesn’t Want to Go Back to the Office (Jan. 25, 2021)

What to Do If Your Team Doesn’t Want to Go Back to the Office

By Liz Kislik

…but company leaders are insisting on it.


This Two-Minute Morning Practice Will Make Your Day Better by Neil Pasricha

A research-based approach to building a positive outlook.


Take Your Lunch Break! by Ruchika Tulshyan

Let’s leave sad desk lunches in 2020.


Stop Making Excuses for Toxic Bosses by Shawn McClean, Stephen H. Courtright, Troy A. Smith, Junhyok Yim

Even if they seem remorseful, research finds their behavior is unlikely to change.


7 Strategies to Build a More Resilient Team by Keith Ferrazzi, Mary-Clare Race, Alex Vincent

You need a foundation of trust, transparency, and self-awareness.


In the Digital Economy, Your Software Is Your Competitive Advantage by Jeff Lawson

Too many companies leave developers out of strategic decision-making.


Your Star Employee Just Quit. Will Others Follow? by Art Markman

How managers can avoid a mass exodus.


Can a Tiny Hedge Fund Push ExxonMobil Towards Sustainability? by Robert G. Eccles, Colin Mayer

If so, it could embolden a new generation of activist investors.


CMOs: Adapt Your Social Media Strategy for a Post-Pandemic World by Christine Moorman, Torren McCarthy

Ten recommendations.

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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