Stanford Business (January 17, 2021): How to Build Better Relationships; Binge Borrowing Zombie Corporations; and More!


How to Build Better Relationships

They’ve taught the keys to forming deep connections in the MBA classroom — now they’ve turned those lessons into a book.

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Hard Lesson: COVID-19, the Wedding Crasher

In early 2020, Molly Kang, MBA ’15, was poised to upend the wedding industry with a direct-to-consumer bridal dress company. Then came social distancing.

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Zombies on the Rise

A decade of binge borrowing has turned many corporations into the walking dead, Stanford finance experts say.

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Never Mistake Presence for Power

In this podcast episode, a racial equity movement leader discusses the art and science of building Black power.

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Book Recommendations

Nine Stanford Professors Make Suggestions for Your Winter Reading

We’ve compiled an eclectic collection of books to share — or hoard — while sheltering in place this season.

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