Stanford Business (January 31, 2021): Homogeneity at the Top; Why Banks Could Learn to Love Tougher Regulations; and More!


This Is Not a Joke: The Cost of Being Humorless

Humor has tremendous benefits for physical health, mental well-being, and your bottom line.

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How to Express Yourself and Truly Connect With Others Online

In this podcast episode, we unpack the psychology behind our communication via social media.

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Corporate Governance

Homogeneity at the Top

New research drills down on C-suite diversity in Fortune 100 firms and finds there’s a lot more work to do.

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Why Banks Could Learn to Love Tougher Regulations

A new study finds that higher capital requirements could leave banks with more money to lend.

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Racial Equity

“White Americans Need to Understand That Their Interests Coincide with Black People’s Interests”

In this podcast episode, two historians discuss why our understanding of history continues to change and who decides what story gets told.

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