David Horton and Reid K. Weisbord: Probate Lending: Data From San Francisco (September 24, 2020)

David Horton and Reid K. Weisbord, of University of California, Davis – School of Law and Rutgers Law School, respectively, have made available for download their article, “Probate Lending: Data From San Francisco,” published in 169 U. Penn. L. Rev. Online. The abstract is as followed:

Recently, “probate lenders” have started to advance cash to heirs and beneficiaries in return for part of their interest in a pending decedent’s estate. This Article advances our understanding of this phenomenon by analyzing an original dataset of 1,119 probate matters from San Francisco. Capitalizing on a California statute that requires probate lenders to file their contracts in the court record, the Article offers insights about the contours of the industry, why people borrow against their inheritances, and the fairness of these transactions. The Article concludes that probate lending raises serious consumer protection concerns.

To see the full article, click: “Probate Lending: Data From San Francisco” by David Horton and Reid K. Weisbord.

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