NY Times (January 30, 2021): How Women Are Changing the Philanthropy Game

Valeriya Safronova, in her New York Times article, focuses on the growing number of women who are embracing individual identities in philanthropy. Her article, “How Women Are Changing the Philanthropy Game,” includes the following commentary:

…In recent years, with the rise of women in the workplace and the growth of movements centering their experience, women’s giving has become a subject of study by professionals in the nonprofit world and by academics. Women have more money than ever before and they’re continuing to accumulate it, and quickly. By 2023, women’s global wealth will rise to at least $81 trillion, according to a Boston Consulting Group analysis. In 2010, that number was $34 trillion.

To see the full article, click: “How Women Are Changing the Philanthropy Game”.

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