IRS TE/GE Division Announces New Compliance Initiatives (April 5, 2021)

The IRS Tax Exempt and Government Entity (TE/GE) division issued the following news release regarding an update to its compliance program:

TE/GE has updated its Compliance Program and Prioritieswebpage. This page provides information about initiatives under each of our compliance program’s six components that work together to promote compliance by tax-exempt and government entities:

  • Compliance Strategies
  • Data-Driven Approaches
  • Referrals, Claims and Other Casework
  • Compliance Contacts
  • Determinations
  • Voluntary Compliance and Other Technical Programs

We’ve updated this webpage to announce eight new initiatives:

  • Compliance Strategies 
  • Employee Plans: Small Exempt Organizations that Sponsor Retirement Plans
  • Employee Plans: One-Participant 401(k) Plans 
  • Employee Plans: Worker Classification 
  • Exempt Organizations: Officers Treating EO as Schedule C Business
  • Exempt Organizations: Form 990-N Filers/Gross Receipts Model
  • Tax Exempt Bonds: Student Loan Bonds Market Segment
  • Tax Exempt Bonds: Form 8038-G Yield Restriction 
  • Compliance Contacts 
    • Employee Plans: Plan Liabilities and Unrelated Business Income

See full release by clicking IRS TE/GE Division Announces New Compliance Initiatives (April 5, 2021).

Posted by Lewis J. Saret, Co-General Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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