NY Times – Older Singles Have Found a New Way to Partner Up: Living Apart (July 16, 2021)

Francine Russo, of The New York Times, has have made available for download her article, Older Singles Have Found a New Way to Partner Up: Living Apart, published in The New York Times. The article begins as follows:

About three years after she was widowed in 2016, the Chicago psychotherapist Linda Randall, then 78, felt her friendship with a widowed man turning romantic. She’d dated him in her 20s, after taking her mother’s advice to volunteer as a candy-striper so she could meet a doctor. In 2015, while her husband was alive, she’d reconnected with him as a friend. But now, considering romance with this man six years older gave her pause. “

He was not in great shape,” she said. “He’d had two heart attacks and two stents. I thought a lot about what to do.” Coincidentally, he lived across the alley from her, and they spent most nights at her apartment. After dating for more than a year, they expressed mutual love. However, when he asked to move in with her, she said no. “He was hurt at first,” she recalled, “but I said, ‘I like my space, and we’re different in how we live.’”

About six months ago when he underwent surgery and needed recuperative care, Ms. Randall, heeding his wishes and using his funds, hired a live-in caregiver for him. Until he was well enough, the caregiver walked him over to her place. Now he manages on his own with his walker and spends weekends with her when his caregiver is off. Their intimacy continues.

Click here to view Francine Russo’s summary of “Older Singles Have Found a New Way to Partner Up: Living Apart”

 Posted by Josh Saret, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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