Northern Trust: Delaware Trusts: Safeguarding Personal Wealth (2021 Edition)

The Northern Trust has published their 2021 edition on, “Delaware Trusts: Safeguarding Personal Wealth”. The article begins as follows:

Many families and their advisers have found the State of Delaware to be a trust- friendly jurisdiction that promotes modern laws and enjoys attractive income tax advantages. This paper highlights the most significant legal and tax benefits for nonresidents, and their professional advisers, who may be considering whether to establish a trust in Delaware.

The Northern Trust Institute brings the breadth and depth of the firm to address the increasingly complex and sophisticated wealth management needs of our clients and their advisers. Informed by the latest insights and continually vetted through feedback, our advice is grounded in real-world outcomes and backed by proven credibility.

We believe you will find this information helpful as you work to create meaningful legacies.

Click here to see full article: “Delaware Trusts: Safeguarding Personal Wealth”

Posted by Marin Larkin, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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