Paul Sullivan (New York Times): What’s Changed in 13 Years of Writing About the Wealthy (October 8, 2021)

Paul Sullivan, of The New York Times, has made available for download
his article, “What’s Changed in 13 Years of Writing About the Wealthy,” published in The New York Times. The article begins as follows:

I began writing the Wealth Matters column in December 2008. The column was conceived earlier that year, when the economy still appeared to be running high. But by the time the first one ran, the economy was deep in crisis, and Americans were worried about their investments, their savings and, in many cases, their homes.

It took years for many Americans to recover. As for the wealthy, they have flourished in those 13 years.

I’m writing my last column — No. 608 — as the Covid pandemic has highlighted how stark income inequality has become. We have multiple billionaires blasting into space on their own rockets, high above the economic, financial and health problems of the rest of the world.

So for this Wealth Matters column, I called a group of people who work with or study the wealthy, people I’ve leaned on repeatedly over the years for insights, and asked them this open-ended question: How has the perception of wealth changed from 2008 to today?

Click here to view Paul Sullivan’s summary of What’s Changed in 13 Years of Writing About the Wealthy.

Posted by Bennett Mansour, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal

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