NY Times: The Paradox of Alimony for Men (October 30, 2021)

Louise Rafkin, of the New York Times, has made available for download her article, “The Paradox of Alimony for Men” which discusses the cultural bias that men should be the primary breadwinners and how that has impacted men’s bids for alimony. Their article begins as follows:

When it comes to alimony, the law is blind to gender. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander, that’s how family law works,” said Laura Wasser, the California lawyer representing the singer Kelly Clarkson in her high-profile divorce.

Even though the Supreme Court ruled that alimony is gender neutral in 1979, Ms. Wasser said that women have still been surprised to find themselves doling out spousal support. “What amazes me is that many bright and sophisticated women don’t realize they will have to pay,” said Ms. Wasser, declining to comment directly on Ms. Clarkson’s case.

Ms. Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock, an entertainment agent, split in 2020 after seven years of marriage. Despite a prenuptial agreement recently upheld in a Los Angeles court, Mr. Blackstock has been awarded temporary monthly spousal support of nearly $150,000, half of his initial ask. (Though he stated that he planned to exit the entertainment industry to become a full-time rancher on a Montana property owned by Ms. Clarkson, the ranch was awarded to her as per the couple’s prenuptial agreement.)

To see the full article, click: “The Paradox of Alimony for Men”

Posted by Anthony Tran, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal

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