AICPA Tax Insider (November 4, 2021): The grantor trust rules: An exploited mismatch; Using donor-advised funds in 2021 (and beyond); and More!

The grantor trust rules: An exploited mismatch
By Jesse Hubers, CPA, J.D., LL.M.
This article discusses the grantor trust rules and ways they might be reformed to prevent them from being used for tax avoidance.

Using donor-advised funds in 2021 (and beyond)
By Ann Marie Maloney
Donor-advised funds have increased in popularity because of recent legislative changes that affect charitable giving.

Beware of IRS initiatives against microcaptive insurance arrangements
By Delina Yasmeh
Microcaptive insurance arrangements have been vigorously scrutinized recently by the IRS.

How investors can protect against inflation
By Paul Bonner
CPA financial planners discuss this year’s nearly 6% inflation rate and what it could mean for investment portfolios. Most investors probably don’t need to make any drastic inflationary hedging moves.

Net investment income tax: C corporation shareholders who are also employees
By Terrance J. Pak, J.D.
Chief Counsel Advice found that a taxpayer who was both a shareholder and an employee of the dividend-issuing corporation did not qualify for the exception to the net investment income tax for dividend income derived from a trade or business.

Client, attorney, and preparer emails were protected from disclosure
By Allison Hong, CPA
Emails between client, attorney, and return preparer may be protected from disclosure under certain circumstances.

When seniors are targeted in schemes
By Sarah Ovaska
Practitioners need to understand elder fraud and what to do when they find it.

Posted by Jessica Ji, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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