Manage your time better in 2022 — with these tips from HBR. (January 4, 2022)

Harvard Business Review has released many tips under the search term “Time Management” that will benefit readers for time management in 2022. An excerpt from one of the tips, “The Psychology Behind Meeting Overload”, follows:

Everyone hates meetings. Attending too many can be highly stressful and tiring, and both productivity and quality take a hit when employees tune out, become demotivated, and lose valuable heads-down work time. As such, it’s hardly a surprise that managers in one survey reported 83% of the meetings on their calendars were unproductive, or that US-based professionals rated meetings as the “number one office productivity killer.”

But despite what seems to be an overwhelming consensus, endless check-ins, debriefs, all-staffs, and Zoom calls continue to plague the corporate world. What will it take for us to break free from our collective addiction to meetings?

To read this tip, and all of the others in the Harvard Business Review, click here : “Manage your time better in 2022 — with these tips from HBR.”

Posted by Isabella King, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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