Estate Planning Journal: Mitigating the Lack of Wills One Brochure at a Time (February 10, 2022)

Katelyn Barker, of the Estate Planning Journal, has made available for download her article “Mitigating the Lack of Wills One Brochure at a Time”, published in the Estate Planning Journal. The abstract is as follows:

A majority of Americans die without a will, which floods the courts with

lawsuits concerning the disbursal of the deceased’s estate. Litigation also

regularly ensues in the form of contested wills on behalf of individuals who

die with an outdated will. The lack of knowledge surrounding estate planning

is a leading factor contributing to the scarcity of wills in America.

Incorporating a prompting system and informational brochure into the

driver’s license renewal process will deplete the lack of knowledge

component, and people will be mandatorily reminded of estate planning; this

will eventually cause the number of updated wills to increase. By targeting

young people at the age of eighteen, the prompt and informational brochure

will effectively reach the age group cited as having the least number of wills

in place. If the estate planning prompt and brochure are adopted by the DMV,

there will likely be a momentous drop in the number of lawsuits concerning

the estates of those who have died intestate or with an outdated will.

To read the full article, click: “Mitigating the Lack of Wills One Brochure at a Time”

Posted by Marin Larkin, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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