Taxpayer Advocate Service – TAS Tax Tip: IRS Online Systems Access and ID Verification Updates (March 17, 2022)

The Taxpayer Advocate Service has published an article, “TAS Tax Tip: IRS Online Systems Access and ID Verification Updates”. The article begins as follows:

ID Verification

Since our January 2022 TAS Tax Tip: Verifying your identity to access certain IRS systems, the IRS and the service have made updates to the process for verifying customers’ identities who wish to access online accounts and other systems. Here’s the latest information you need to know.
You now have two choices
On February 21, 2022, the IRS announced that it put new features in place for IRS Online Account registration. The Secure Access Digital Identity (SADI) program, that the IRS uses to verify your identity, now has a new option for customers to sign up for IRS online accounts without the use of any biometric data, including facial recognition.
Without using biometric data – Taxpayers will have the option of verifying their identity during a live, virtual interview with agents, using no biometric data – including facial recognition.
Using biometric data – Taxpayers will still have the option to verify their identity automatically through the use of biometric verification. For taxpayers who select this option, new requirements are in place to ensure images provided are deleted for the account being created.

To view the full article, click: “TAS Tax Tip: IRS Online Systems Access and ID Verification Updates”

Posted by Mallory Wentz, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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