Steve Gorin’s Business Succession Solutions (1st Qtr 2022): Preferred Partnerships Preferred to Fee

Steve Gorin, of Thompson Coburn LLP, has issued his 1st Quarter Business Succession Solutions, which include the following:

Part II.H.11.a. Basics of Preferred Partnerships 

Part II.H.11.b. Preferred Partnership Compared to Sale to Irrevocable Grantor Trust

Part II.C.8.a. Code § 707 – Compensating a Partner for Services Performed

Part II.E.1.c.ii.(c). Items Excluded from Treatment as Qualified Business Income Under Code § 199A

Part II.Q.8.b.i Distribution of Property by a Partnership

Part II.G.4.l.i.(d). Whether Managing Investments Constitutes a Trade or BusinessII.G.4.l.i.(e). Family Office as a Trade or Business

Part III.B.7.b. Code § 2701 Overview and III.B.7.c Code § 2701 Interaction with Income Tax Planning

Part II.H.11.f.v. Better Than a Charitable Lead Trust

Posted by Marin Larkin, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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