KPMG Webcast: Family Office Fridays: Section 1202 Exclusion for Sale of Qualified Small Business Stock – May 20, 2022

KPMG is offering a free webcast to discuss Section 1202 Exclusion for Sale of Qualified Small Business Stock. The summary is as follows:

Section 1202 encourages investment in certain corporations by allowing taxpayers to exclude some (or all) of the taxpayer’s gain on the disposition of the entity.  Although section 1202 has been around for decades, the current exclusion of up to 100 percent of the gain on disposition (coupled with the recent reduction of the income tax rate for C corporations) has greatly increased interest in this provision.

Section 1202 provides a significant potential benefit for taxpayers, but includes certain traps for the unwary. Further, there is a lack of guidance on various aspects of its operation. Please join KPMG LLP for a webcast with professionals from our Washington National Tax practice that will discuss potential considerations in structuring transactions to help taxpayers obtain or avoid losing a potentially significant tax benefit under section 1202. 

To see the original post and register click here.

Posted by Jessica Ji, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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