Attorney at Work: Moving a Client from ‘Satisfied’ to ‘Loyal’ (November 22, 2022)

Sally J. Schmidt, in her Attorney at Work article, discusses the profitability of creating loyal clients. Her article, “Moving a Client from ‘Satisfied’ to ‘Loyal’”, begins as follows:

Recently, Delta Air Lines quietly announced a change to the boarding process. In the past, someone with Diamond status (125,000 annual miles plus a minimum spend on flights the previous year) was allowed to board at the same time as passengers seated in first class. Now, Diamonds are invited to board after first class.

As someone with more than 3 million miles on Delta, I am terribly loyal. But this small change made me take note. Will it change my flying experience? Probably not one iota. I get upgraded a lot anyway, and I’m sure there will still be plenty of overhead space even if I’m not.

I’m actually more puzzled than annoyed. What message does this send to Delta’s most valuable customers? It doesn’t make sense to value a potentially one-time buyer of a ticket over someone who has amassed millions of miles and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on Delta.

To see the full article click: “Moving a Client from ‘Satisfied’ to ‘Loyal’”

Posted by Marin Larkin, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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