James Edward Maule, MauledAgain (November 29, 2022): Filing a Fraudulent Tax Return Is Bad, Filing More Than 3,000 Is Outrageously Bad

James Edward Maule’s MauledAgain tax blog entry discusses conspiracy to file fraudulent tax returns using fake identities. His article, “Filing a Fraudulent Tax Return Is Bad, Filing More Than 3,000 Is Outrageously Bad” includes the following commentary:

Though as I’ve shared not long ago, I don’t write about every tax return preparer who gets into trouble because most of the cases aren’t very different, if at all, from previous ones. Yet I’ve written dozens of commentaries about misbehaving tax return preparers, in posts such as Tax Fraud Is Not SacredMore Tax Return Preparation Gone BadAnother Tax Return Preparation Enterprise Gone BadAre They Turning Up the Heat on Tax Return Preparers?Surely There Is More to This Tax Fraud IndictmentNeed a Tax Return Preparer? Don’t Use a Current IRS EmployeeIs This How Tax Return Preparation Fraud Can Proliferate?When Tax Return Preparers Go Bad, Their Customers Can Pay the PriceTax Return Preparer Fails to Evade the IRSFraudulent Tax Return Preparation for Clients and the PreparerPrison for Tax Return Preparer Who Does Almost Everything WrongTax Return Preparation Indictment: From 44 To ThreeWhen Fraudulent Tax Return Filing Is Part of A Bigger Fraudulent SchemePreparers Preparing Fraudulent Returns Need Prepare Not Only for Fines and Prison But Also InjunctionsSins of the Tax Return Preparer Father Passed on to the Tax Return Preparer SonTax Return Preparer Fraud Extends Beyond Tax ReturnsWhen A Tax Return Preparer’s Bad Behavior Extends Beyond FraudMore Thoughts About Avoiding Tax Return Preparers Gone BadAnother Tax Return Preparer Fraudulent Loan Application IndictmentYet Another Way Tax Return Preparers Can Harm Their Clients (and Employees)When Unscrupulous Tax Return Preparers Make It Easy for theblo IRS and DOJ to Find ThemTax Return Preparers Putting Red Flags on Clients’ ReturnsWhen Language Describing the Impact of Tax Fraud MattersInjunctions Against Fraudulent Tax Return Preparers Help, But Taxpayers Still Need to Be VigilantWill the Re-Introduced Legislation Permitting Tax Return Preparer Regulation Be Enacted, and If So, Would It Make a Difference?Can Fraudulent Tax Return Preparation Become An Addiction?Tax Return Preparers Who Fail to File Their Own Returns Beg For IRS AttentionUsing a Tax Return Preparer? Take Steps to Verify What Is Filed on Your BehalfWhen Dishonest Tax Return Preparers Are MarriedThere Was Nothing Magical About This Tax Return Preparation BusinessDon’t Get Burned By a Tax Return PreparerTax Fraud School: When It’s Not Enough to Be a Fraudulent Tax Return PreparerIt’s Not Just Tax Return Preparers Assisting in the Preparation of Fraudulent Tax ReturnsOverused Fraudulent Tax Return Preparation PloysIt’s Not Just Law Enforcement That Confronts Misbehaving Tax Return Preparers, and When An Injunction Doesn’t Stop a Tax Return Preparer from Filing False Returns.

To see the full article, click: “Filing a Fraudulent Tax Return Is Bad, Filing More Than 3,000 Is Outrageously Bad”

Posted by Marin Larkin, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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