LexBlog: Improving Your Law Firm’s Accounts Receivable Process (December 7, 2022)

A publisher has made available for download their article, “Improving Your Law Firm’s Accounts Receivable Process”, published on the LexBlog. The abstract is as follows:

There’s nothing worse than seeing unpaid client bills piling up. Attorneys deserve to be paid on time for the valuable work they do—and when you’re running a busy practice, you don’t want to waste time chasing down clients for payment. Therefore, law firms must develop effective accounts receivable processes.

But what makes an effective law firm accounts receivable process?

There are two elements. First, you must make it as easy/attractive as possible for clients to pay. Second, you need to automate/minimize the time you spend following up on late payments. This article explains how law firms can improve their accounts receivables process—specifically, how Clio Payments boosts efficiency and reduces manual effort to a minimum.

Click here to view the summary of “Improving Your Law Firm’s Accounts Receivable Process”

Posted by Marin Larkin, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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