Jason Benitez, Lisa McChesney (Goodwin LLC): Transfer-on-Death Designations: Potential Pitfalls (January 20, 2023)

Jason Benitez and Lisa McChesney, of Goodwin LLC, have made available for download their article, “Transfer-on-Death Designations: Potential Pitfalls,” published in JDSUPRA. The article begins as follows:

When used in consultation with an estate planning attorney, transfer-on-death (TOD) or payable-on-death (POD) designations on financial accounts can be valuable estate planning tools. However, these account designations have the potential to derail an estate plan when not coordinated properly with the overall plan. Consulting with an estate planning attorney is critical when considering a TOD/POD designation, and caution is required when opening financial accounts to avoid unwanted results.


Click here to view Jason Benitez and Lisa McChesney’s summary of “Transfer-on-Death Designations: Potential Pitfalls”

Posted by Melissa Zheng, Associate Editor, Wealth Strategies Journal.

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