Howard Gleckman and Steve Rosenthal: Tax Cheats, Dodgers, Avoiders, And Evaders (January 27, 2023)

February 2, 2023- Nicholas Ward

Howard Gleckman and Steven Rosenthal of Forbes, have made available for download
their article, “Tax Cheats, Dodgers, Avoiders And Evaders,” published in Forbes. The abstract is as follows:

The news is filled with stories about conflicts between taxpayers and tax collectors. Just a few weeks ago a New York jury convicted the Trump Organization of criminal fraud for a 15-year scheme to help top executives dodge taxes. While that case is a linguistic no-brainer, we often struggle to properly describe those who aggressively work to minimize their taxes.

We tend to use a long list of descriptions almost interchangeably. There is tax avoidance, tax evasion, and tax fraud. We describe people and businesses as tax cheats and tax dodgers. But what do all these phrases really mean?

The short answer: Nobody can agree.

Click here to read Howard Gleckman and Steve Rosenthal’s summary of “Tax Cheats, Dodgers, Avoiders And Evaders”

Posted by Nicholas Ward, Intern, Wealth Strategies Journal

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